Seeing you online just some how makes me happy(:

Totally sian…. Glued to the song “From This Moment” by Shania Twain….

i know i can’t be the one to stand by you… 

i guess i’ll be your silent guardian, watching over you, hoping for the best to happen to you……

Time has change… So have you…


i know you no longer… You’ve changed so much… So clouded….

You must be enjoying such a moment like this else where with someone special to you…

Nothing is so good it lasts eternally
Perfect situations must go wrong
But this has never yet prevented me
Wanting far too much for far too long.

Looking back I could have played it differently
Won a few more moments who can tell
But it took time to understand the lady
Now at least I know I know her well

No one in your life is with you constantly
No one is completely on your side
And though I move my world to be with her
Still the gap between us is too wide.

Looking back I could
Have played it differently
Learned about the lady
Before I fell

The Question

The questions that are always on my mind are…

Do talk or not to talk? Or care or not to care? 

That’s something i guess i can’t get and i’m always asking myself….

I just wish….

You have not been talking much and all I saw were negative statements on Twitter… I wanna show care and concern but you are just not responding… I really wish I can talk to you, be someone who you can perhaps share your problems with…

It’s all but just a wish, something that most probably won’t come true…

Don’t ever regret triggering the ugly side of me… Cos you made your choice and i’ve made mine… i chose to hide it for a reason… Now you just push the wrong button is you will get it… 


When can you open yours eyes to see?… All that you are searching for is just in front of you… You tell me if you and him were together you all won’t be like the couple you just saw so quiet… What makes you so sure?… He is the quiet quiet type… i somehow can hear and imagine the raindrops falling from the sky…

You worry about somebody whom you hardly know… Do you know that someone who knows you and you know him is worried about you too?… Have you though about it?… While you are away, though he knows you are in safe hands but the journey is still something that cannot be sure… he is worried about you… Even when you are in Singapore, your work piles up… he is worried that you will fall sick… Do you know what…..


You know how much it hurts each time you tell me about him?… It’s just so irritating… You hardly know him and yet you are head over heels over him…. i don’t get it!

Is it possible to like someone without even knowing that person?!